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Nestled in the heart of Mesa, Arizona, Jake’s Unlimited stands as a testament to modern entertainment. This sprawling venue has quickly become a must-visit spot for both locals and tourists seeking a day packed with fun, laughter, and adventure. From its cutting-edge arcade games to its immersive Jake’s VR Zone, there’s something for everyone.


Jake’s Unlimited goes the extra mile with a range of amenities to cater to every palette and preference, making it more than just an arcade – it’s a comprehensive entertainment hub. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, hosting a corporate event, or simply looking for a memorable outing with friends and family, Jake’s Unlimited promises an unparalleled experience. With its dedicated staff, continually updated attractions, and commitment to guest satisfaction, it’s no wonder Jake’s Unlimited is etched in the memories of countless visitors.


What is Vrizzmo?

Vrizzmo was a company that designed and produced virtual reality (VR) goggles. These goggles are intended to offer an immersive VR experience primarily through smartphones, similar to other mobile VR headset designs.


Features of Vrizzmo VR Goggles:

Smartphone Compatibility: Vrizzmo goggles are typically designed to be used with a wide range of smartphones. By sliding a smartphone into the headset, users can enjoy a variety of VR content.


Dual Lens System: Many mobile VR headsets feature a dual-lens system, and Vrizzmo is no exception. The lenses play a crucial role in magnifying the smartphone screen and providing a broad field of view, creating an immersive experience.


Adjustable Straps: To ensure comfort and a snug fit, Vrizzmo goggles often come with adjustable straps. This allows users of different head sizes to comfortably wear the headset for extended periods.


Ventilation: To prevent the smartphone from overheating and to provide comfort for the user, effective ventilation is essential in VR goggles.


Affordability: Mobile VR solutions like Vrizzmo’s tend to be more affordable than standalone VR headsets or PC-tethered systems, making them an accessible option for many users wanting to dip their toes into virtual reality.


Why has vrizzmo.com become part of jakesunlimited.com?

With how quickly technology moves, especially in the VR industry we wanted to keep the spirit of innovation alive by sharing how people have developed products along the way to help push VR to what it is today. These major steps by Vrizzmo have helped shape the landscape of VR usage by so many gamers.




Vrizzmo (EUR 60)



Vrizzmo Revolt

Vrizzmo VR

Vrizzmo VR Goggles

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