Do I have to pay to enter even if I’m not eating at the buffet?

Yes, all guests that are visiting before 8pm and over the age of 4 must at least purchase the buffet admission for $11. Children 3 and under get free buffet-only admission. We have an open buffet concept so every guest in the building has unlimited access to it while they are here, we do not close it down or separately monitor who uses it and who doesn’t. Once the buffet closes down at 8pm, admission is no longer required, and all activities and food purchases are a-la-carte.

When does the buffet close?

The buffet closes every day at 8pm.

What is included with unlimited rides and attractions?

Our rides and attractions are: The Radius, Spin Zone Bumper Cars, Lazer Frenzy, Laser Tag, Tea Cups, Frog Hopper, and the Carousel.

Is Bowling or Mini Bowling an attraction?

No, these are considered separate and are included in play packages where it is called out. Otherwise, you can put money on your Fun Card to be able to play mini bowling for $3 a game or bowling for $4 or $5 a game plus the cost of shoe rental.

Does everyone receive a wristband?

Yes, every guest will receive a wristband. This is how we determine if admission has been paid for or not. Any guests that are playing will receive a card as well. Every admission includes our All-You-Can-Eat Buffet. The Buffet is available until 8pm daily.

Do you have gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan options as part of the buffet?

Yes, there are many options available on our buffet. Any of our buffet attendants would be more than happy to help you identify which foods are available based on your dietary needs. Some additional special accommodations can be made, such as preparing a pizza for you with gluten-free crust.

How do the play cards work?

The cards are used for everything in the facility. They are swiped for bowling, rides, and games. Guests may load money onto the cards at any time. Any tickets won are automatically loaded onto the card. Money and tickets on the card never expire. Money and tickets on cards CANNOT be split between cards.

What is a non-redemption game?

A non-redemption game is any game that does NOT give out any tickets or prizes. Ex., Air Hockey, Racing Games, Pac Man, etc.

How do I know which games are non-redemption and which are ticket/prize games?

All of our non-redemption games have card scanners that are lit up green. Our ticket/prize games have card scanners that are either blue or pink/purple.

Is the birthday star or parents free?

No, they count towards the guest count/bill.

Why do I have to pay the gratuity for a birthday party?

The 10% gratuity takes care of all of the hospitality. Set-up, clean up, tear-down and server gratuity. It also in part covers the cost of the room reservation, supplies, balloon bouquet, prize tickets, souvenir backpack and the after dark certificate.

Do I have to have a party server for a birthday party?

If the party is in open seating then a server is not required. All parties in a private party room require a party server and a 10% gratuity added to their final bill.

Can I bring in outside food to a birthday party or group reservation?

Yes, outside food such as cake or desserts can be brought in to the facility and we have a cooler where we would be more than happy to store it for you until you need it.

What is the difference between a group package and a birthday party package?

Group packages include a reserved seating area for 90 minutes, but do not have a server. Birthday parties include 90 minutes in a reserved space, a dedicated party server, party supplies such as paper plates, napkins, and cups, and a bunch of 5 helium balloons. Birthday parties with a server also require a 10% gratuity.

How do I book a birthday party?

You can book your party online 24 hours a day, or you can call between the hours of 9am and 8pm, 7 days a week to book your party.

When does the time start on the play packages?

The time starts at the first swipe of your play card. When your time is up, we do not just kick you out, your play card will simply stop working unless you load Fun Card money on it or upgrade your package.

Is this the same place as Amazing Jake’s?

Sort of. We have new ownership and underwent a huge wall-to-wall renovation in December 2017. Many of the former attractions have been replaced (such as the rock climbing wall, go-carts, mini golf, the mini coasters, and bumper cars) with new attractions like Spin Zone bumper cars, the Radius Ride, a laser tag arena that is twice the size, new mini bowling, and new arcade games. We also have the Matrix Event Center inside the facility that can be rented for large events and we have two full bars. Amazing Jake’s was more just for kids, while now Jake’s Unlimited is more for all-ages.

Will you still accept Amazing Jake’s gift cards?

Most likely. Either call ahead of time with the card number handy so we can look it up and see if it is still valid. Or, bring it with you and mention to the cashier you have an old card so they can have a manager look it up and then transfer the funds.