Team Building Events

Get away from the daily grind and give the people who drive the success of your organization a chance to let loose and form new relationships with a super fun team building experience! Our energetic staff will guide your group through various fun activities of your choosing so you don’t have to worry about a thing, just show up and we’ll do the rest. Our packages are customized for you based on the games you choose to do and how long you would like to stay, with food and fountain beverages included! Or you can go for the gold and add on any of our bar package options as well.


We have a package for every budget. Whether you just need a couple hours out or an all-day experience, we’ve got you covered.


Take it up a notch! Add on fun extras like drink tickets, more activities, and delicious food from our catering and a-la-carte menus. We’re here to help you make the event extra special and one for the books!


Designate a number of tickets for your group, giving you ultimate control in leveling up the fun


Choose from our delicious catering menu and have your own private food station set up in your reserved space


From wings to smothered fries, add on an appetizer tray your people can enjoy while they bowl


Keep the bonding going with additional team building activities

Teambuilding Activities

All of our activities are designed for all ages, abilities, and skill levels so your team can focus on the fun!

Blindfolded Quick-draw

This activity is on our water-pixel game, a classic carnival favorite! The seated player in control of the water gun is blindfolded while their team mate stands behind them and gives them verbal instruction on what they need to do to hit the target. First to the top wins!

Hot Shot Relay

Your people are divided into teams. Each team lines up at the basket and takes one shot each until the time runs out. The team with the highest score wins!

Air Hockey Relay

Each team lines up behind each side of the air hockey table. One person from each team plays at a time, and as soon as one person scores both players move to the back of the line for the next two to play. The team with the most goals wins!

Ticket Take

Each team is given a $20 Fun Card and within a set amount of time, the team must strategize which games to play to try to win the most tickets.

Laser Tag

Teams battle against each other in a 10-minute game of laser tag, and whoever comes out with the highest cumulative score wins!


Whacky Bowl

The event facilitator has each team participate in various crazy bowling tactics, and the team with the highest score at the end of the game wins!

Mini Bowl Madness

Teams are assigned to a lane, where each person throws one ball and tries to knock down the most pins and then heads to the back of the line. At the end of the ten frames, the team with the highest score wins!

SkiBall Relay

Teams each line up at the SkiBall game, throwing one ball each and then moving to the back of the line. Team with the highest score wins!

Down the Clown Knockout

Team members each get a chance to throw one ball until all balls are gone. Team with the highest score wins!

Mannequin Pose Challenge (BONUS!)

Each team has to take a picture with the mannequins in the Bonus Store. The most creative picture gets to post to our social pages and receives a prize!

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