9 Virtual & Social Distancing Kids Birthday Ideas

During these times of staying 6 feet away from friends, it makes having a birthday party at Jake’s Unlimited pretty difficult. Even though it is hard to have a huge in person birthday bash, there are still some ways you can make your kiddo feel special on their important day. To help you celebrate the way a birthday should be celebrated, we’ve put together some awesome options for you. These virtual and social distancing kid’s birthday party ideas are guaranteed to bring a smile to that special birthday boy or girl in your life and create a lasting memory they will have for years to come.

Parade Birthday Party

Get in the car, hang some balloons or streamers and take a drive through your neighborhood and let your neighbors share in celebrating your child’s birthday with them. It will be an amazing experience for them to see people you know and don’t know cheering them on down the street.

Age Range: 3-10 years old

What You’ll Need: Balloons, streamers, poster board, marker or paint, flyers or Nextdoor, and a car.

How to Throw a Parade Birthday Party: Create a super simple flyer and print off enough for your block or surrounding area and go out the day before your child’s birthday and wedge them in the door. If you’re a little more tech savvy, you can go on the app Nextdoor and let everyone in the community know what you are doing, the time and what streets you’ll be going down so if they want to participate, they can stand in their doorway or driveway and wave. Next, dazzle your car up the balloons and streamers. Take the marker or paint and write a special message on the poster board like, “Happy 6th Birthday to Ian” and put on both sides of the car. Finally it’s time to start the birthday parade! Slowly drive the route you let all the neighbors know about and let your kid wave as everyone wishes them a happy birthday!

Zoom Birthday Party

You’re probably all too familiar with Zoom now with kids being given school lessons through it or you working from home and needing to jump on a work conference call. This makes a Zoom Party an awesome social distancing birthday party idea in that your kid can still celebrate with all of their friends safely from their own homes. 

Age Range: 3 – 12 years old

What You’ll Need: A computer or smartphone, internet, a free Zoom account, an optional 20-30 minute plan of what you’ll do.

How to Throw a Zoom Birthday Party: First you’ll need to sign up for a free Zoom account if you don’t have one already. Next select the day, time and length of the party. Create the meeting invite and email it out to all of the parents. Next, create a schedule of anything you’d like to do during that time. For instance, you could have a schedule like this (10 min dance party, 5 mins of Simon Says, 5 mins of singing some songs, 5 mins to sing happy birthday and say goodbyes). Viola! Just like that your kid had an interactive birthday party with their friends.

Theatre Birthday Party

Let’s put on a play! Don’t worry your kid doesn’t need to know Shakespear. With a theatre party you can put on a play with anything you find around the house. This could be costumes, items from your kitchen or whatever will fit within the imagination of your kid. Invite the other members of your family to come watch the events of the night unfold. This is one way to bring out the creative side in your child and throw them a memorable birthday party.

Age Range: 5 – 10 years old

What You’ll Need: Sheets or cardboard boxes, clothes to dress up in toys or props,, a small storyline your kid knows from their favorite movie or if they are older they can write one, a printed or drawn program for the show, and an audience of family members.

How to Throw a Theatre Birthday Party: Think of a story or theme that you child could re-enact. Next, use cardboard boxes or sheets to try and make a stage area for the performance. Once that’s done, go around your house and collect items and clothing that would be good for your performance. Now that you’ve found everything, try it all on and act out a few scenes with your kid. You’re almost done, now print up a “Playbill” of the night’s performance with your kid as the lead role to be handed out to the family members that will be attending. Invite your family members to the performance and when they’ve all sat down it’s time for the show to begin. Break a leg!

Story Time Birthday Party

People love sharing stories, especially ones that they love. On your child’s birthday have family members video chat with them and read them their favorite kids story. Your kid will feel so special and loved on their birthday from everyone sharing a book and the entertainment will last all day long! This birthday party idea is sure to make lasting memories for any child.

Age Range: 1 – 13 years old

What You’ll Need: Computer or smartphone, video call/chat capabilities, family members, and kid-age appropriate books.

How to Throw a Story Time Birthday Party: First you’ll need to create a small guest list of family members. Send them all an email or call them and give some time slot options as to when they need to do a video chat. Next, connect with them through a Facetime call, Skype, Zoom or any video chat service they are familiar with at their designated call time. Let the stories begin! Your family member will read their favorite story to the special birthday boy or girl and wish them a happy birthday. Once you get through everyone on your list, read them their favorite story and celebrate with some cake and ice cream.

Scavenger Hunt Birthday Party

Make this birthday a super fun one with a scavenger hunt. Send them on a wild goose chase and they can either find all of the items on the scavenger list to get their birthday present or if you have an older kid, have each item be a clue to that leads them to their present. Any way you decide to do it will bring a lot of entertainment with it.

Age Range: 3 – 16 years old

What You’ll Need: Birthday present, list of items to find, and a printer.

How to Throw a Scavenger Hunt Birthday Party: For Younger kids, start by choosing items for them to find around your house, backyard or neighborhood. Create a checklist of the items on your computer and print it off. Let the hunt begin! Once they have found all of the items, reward them with cake ,ice cream and their present. If you have an older kid, choose some riddles or clues that would lead them to another item in your home or outside. Print them out and then cut them out to be able to hide.  Make them a sequential path, so they would start and end in your home. The last clue or riddle will lead them to where their gift is hidden. This birthday party idea is pretty unique and can keep them entertainment for most of the day.

Birthday Card Party

Every kid loves getting a birthday card in the mail from their family and friends. Since we aren’t able to see these important people in our life, have all of them send your kid a birthday card. Make it super simple for them and just ask them to draw or color a picture and send it to them. It doesn’t need to be fancy at all, since you kiddo will love opening the card and seeing who sent it.

Age Range: 3 – 12 years old

What You’ll Need: Contact list of friends and family and mailing address.

How to Throw a Picture Birthday Party: Reach out to friends anf family and let them know you would like them mto send a birthday card if possible. If it is coming from some younger friends, have them draw or color a picture and send it. Don’t have them send money, because your kid will get enough card that just opening will be the fun part. Once they send the cards, collect them from the mailbox and save all of them for your kid’s “big day”. Onc it arrives have your kid open all of the cards while celebrating with some cake. They will love opening each one up and seeing what is inside!

Chef Birthday Party

Great food can be a game changer for any occasion, especially a birthday. For the Chef Birthday Party, let your child choose their favorite meal or something they want to cook and help them make it. Half of this experience is the cooking or baking and the other half is the eating. Make the moment more special by creating some little chef hats and referring to kid as Chef.  

Age Range: 4 – 18 years old

What You’ll Need: Recipe, ingredients, white paper,and tape.

How to Throw a Chef Birthday Party: First you’ll want to ask you kid what they would like to make. Have them help you search for a recipe to make them more engaged in what they’ll be making. Once you have the recipe, make sure you have all of the ingredients necessary. Next, before starting to cook, create some white chef hats to make this feel official. Lastly, start cooking the meal and during the process refer to your kid as Chef or Head Chef. Bon Appetit!

Movie Birthday Party

Have your kid pick out a flick and invite their friends to come watch it with them. Have them host a watch party on Netflix and they can watch the same movies as their friends are with the ability to chat with them during the movie. This party is for your older kids, as they need to access Netflix and able to type in the chat box during the movie. Make a big tub of popcorn and let the movie begin!

Age Range: 10 – 18 years old

What You’ll Need: Computer, Netflix, and some popcorn.

How to Throw a Movie Birthday Party: First, everyone that will be involved needs to be using Chrome and download the Netflix Party Extension. Then, your kid will need to find a movie they want to watch. Click on the movie and select the Netflix Party icon. Once they’ve done that there will be a url for them to copy and email/DM to all of their friends. Boom! It’s that easy. Now they can all watch the movie together and have the option to talk in the chat box. 

Mini Golf Birthday Party

Nothing is more fun that trying to get a hole-in-one on a mini golf course. Use this birthday party idea to create your own mini golf course in and outside of your home. Use everyday items that you have to create a crazy and wacky game that can go 9, 18 or even more holes! Play as a family and keep score during the game to see who the ultimate winner is.

Age Range: 5 – 13 years old

What You’ll Need: Items from your house, golf ball, something that resembles a golf club, a note card and a pencil.

How to Throw a Mini Golf Birthday Party: Start looking around your house for fun items to be used in creating mini golf course. Have your birthday kid help, because making the course is just as fun as laying it. Once you’ve found items to make the holes out of, start using your creativity to make them wacky and fun. Take you pencil and note card and label each hole number so you know where to go. Once you’ve completed making the course play a game. To add more fun give everyone a 10-minute time limit before the game starts to get dressed in their goofiest outfit. This will add some more fun memories for everyone involved.

Whether it’s a movie, scavenger hunt or one of the many other virtual and social disnancign kids birthday party ideas in this article, make sure your kid has a super special day. Birthdays are always memorable, but to use one of these ideas will help make a lasting memory for them and it might even make it their most favorite birthday ever!

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